The Most Popular Rude Funny Pictures

Hello everyone, unlike all of our post before, starting from this month our blog will post several Rude Funny Pictures that indicating. all of this Rude Funny Pictures are for humor and entertaiment only. We hope that you enjoy this funniest picture collection.

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Title Post: The Most Popular Rude Funny Pictures
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  1. so funnuy i nerly wet myself

  2. was that my ass you took a photo of

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  4. starting with guy in red top and weird botty
    1. Police are looking for the huge guys who ran into each other , and curiously became a lone species,A crack police squad are looking into every hole and crack, children are being warned, if they see it , to run away,that's if they know a way which way to figure which way is away ! If they DO happen to run smack into it, police have issued kids in the local area with whistles and small food rations in case they fall into the large crevasse , they should blow the whistle and conserve the food n water for as long as possible.

    Guy sat on little guy
    2/ Erm....I er, hurrumph I er, er...can't get stuck into this load of piles, sorry..files right now SORRY , phew , that was too hairy , Anyway looking at a great load of sh*t right now , Hope it doesn't all come crashing down round my head, just have to work my way through it !

    3/ Oh! no , They're looking into every nook n cranny these TV companies ! You wouldn't really think people would really want to be staring into a big hole for hours on end, you'd think the young ones would wanna be out potholing or exploring the great caverns or at least play pool,